Stop. If you haven’t read Day 16, you should. Now. Go.

Okay? Okay. Three things.

First of all, yes: Mu is dead. She fought and fought and really did use every potion available and ran and ran, but she was overwhelmed. She went down punching.

Second: I’m heartbroken. I watched Mu fall and watched the game auto-reload and seriously considered pretending the fight had never happened, even though that is expressly against the rules. I was annoyed there was such an off-level area right on the road where she couldn’t have reasonably avoided it, and annoyed she’d run into the only mages in Skyrim whose aim is better than Stormtroopers. And like Mu I thought of all the things I’d wanted her to see and experience. I’m gutted.

Eventually I conceded it would not be right to pretend the death never happened. Maybe you guys wouldn’t know, but I would know. Mu would know. Even Yarp would know (in fact, it seemed like he knew ahead of time. Didn’t it?) We don’t want to cheat. Knowing she was mortal was one of the reasons this whole exercise was scary and fun.

And third: I’m suspicious. Even though we refuse to cheat, and Mu had a better run than most dead-is-dead characters you read about, somehow I don’t think Sheogorath is finished with our cursed cat just yet. I have a sneaking suspicion he has other ideas, and most certainly the power to see them through. Mu will not be magically resurrected a few moments before her death with no memory of what happened, but something else might be in store. In fact, I know it will be. The Mad God hasn’t had enough fun with his non-hero yet, you know?

You know.

You can’t keep a good cat down…